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The Listener: A dense and fiercely intelligent work that asks important questions about art, history, and the responsibility of the individual, all in a lyrical and stirring tone.” — Publishers Weekly (New York)


BUY $19.95 or less

Photos of the performance adaptation of The Listener featuring Mecca Normal at Word on the Street in Vancouver.

The weekly Magnet Magazine series continues. David Lester’s illustration paired with text by Jean Smith – includes a Mecca Normal download.


Malachi 7″

K Records — November 9, 2010

order here — $4 Malachi b/w Blue Sky & Branches — part of the International Pop Underground singles series. Malachi is about free speech and anti-war activist Malachi Ritscher (1954-2006).

Spring 2010 — Jean created The Black Dot Museum of Political Artand Kill Rock Stars founder Slim Moon wasnamed museum manager. The Black Dot Museum of Political Art features art by Nikki McClure, Tae Won Yu, Norman Nawrocki, Clive Holden and EE Miller. The Museum Screening Room features Jean Smith’s introduction to How Art & Music Can Change the World

The Black Dot Museum of Political Art — FaceBook

2010, April into MayThe Black Dot Museum: Political Artists from Vancouver, a four-person exhibit inOlympia. Mecca Normal played the opening.

$1.00 songs on BandCamp.com Conform, The Arrogant Man (1984 – 86 unreleased) more to come!

Smarten UP! Records — the re-release of two early Mecca Normal albums, originally on K Records and then on one CD on Matador. Individual songs for 99 cents or as the album, the way David and I intended for it to be heard.



Calico Kills the Cat (1989, K Records, Matador CD with “Water”)







Water Cuts My Hands (1991, K Records, Matador CD with “Calico”)


David’s The Gruesome Acts of Capitalism is required reading for a course called English: Academic Writing Strategies at Capilano University. Another 150 copies of The Gruesome Acts of Capitalism sold – a donation was made to the Canadian Centre for the Victims of Torture (approx. $2,000 raised so far).

David’s poster of Howard Zinn was Poster of the Week at the Center For the Study of Political Graphics (Los Angeles). David’s poster series — Inspired Agitators became part of the permanent collection of the Center for the Study of Political Graphics (Los Angeles).

David Lester — Painter on FaceBook

David Lester paintings


MungBeing online magazine is featuring artwork by David and Jean’s painting, poetry and excerpts from her forthcoming novels Broke Like Me. and Love Wants You. –including Genius Beans, The Entirely Bearable Lightness of Being Single and Shadowing the G-Man. Jean is seeking a literary agent for Love Wants You. — a novel about deception and online dating and deception.

Jean Smith bio on BC BookWorld.

2010, AprilMecca Normal played Sarah Utter‘s art opening at Land Gallery, Portland.

2010, MayMecca Normal recorded three songs with Calvin Johnson at Dub Narcotic Studio. Jean played timpani and piano. The songs are: Malachi, Blue & Sky Branches, and an improvised piece called After the Next.

2010, June — Jean’s film “Kent State” and David’s film “Hitler’s Sketch” were screened in Seattle at Hollow Earth Radio House and at the Capitol Theater in Olympia, as part of the Olympia Experimental Music Festival Film Program.

Jean made a video for I’m Not Into Being the Woman You’re With While You’re Looking for the Woman You Want.

2010, August— Jean made a series of short films on Montreal activist and artist Norman Nawrocki

Jean made three films while recording at Dub Narcotic Studio:

Calvin & Jean Talk About 70s Rock

After the Next

A Short Film About Recording With Calvin





Winter at the Pond series of paintings, two SOLD

Discovering Utopia series of paintings, two SOLD


How Art & Music Can Change the World




Lecture Reviews & Articles

Smarten UP! Records

Get To The Point Editions

“We won’t go away.”









ipu068, Paris in April
Mecca Normal has six 7″ records in the IPU series.

ipu004, ipu011, ipu028, ipu032, ipu068, ipu132.



David Lester’s “Actually, I Like Crap.” t-shirt $18.99

Christmas Cards (10 Pk/$2.50 each)
Greeting Cards – Jean Smith wearing David Lester’s design
Books, t-shirts, artwork, posters, postcards, Janis Zeppelin CD

The Observer
Kill Rock Stars

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Janis Zeppelin
CD $12
Janis Zeppelin iTunes

Mecca Normal - Janis Zeppelin
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Two Stories
Two scenes from Jean Smith’s foray into online dating.
The Gruesome Acts of Capitalism
REVISED SECOND PRINTING $9.95 Preface by Jean Smith. Royalties go to the Canadian Centre for Victims of Torture
(over $2000 raised)

Inspired Agitators Posters

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“Actually, I like crap.” t-shirts

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“Things Coming in From the Right” 16″ X 20″ Signed, acrylic on canvas — was $275 (plus shipping)

Jean Smith’s Paintings

“We’re Here Now. Everything Is Ours. Too Bad For You.”
Acrylic on canvas board by Jean Smith. Donated to the Prison Justice Day Art Auction in support of Books To Prisoners.

“The Colour Scheme” by David Lester acrylic on canvas
12 X 12″ — $200

David Lester’s Paintings


Mecca Normal Archive

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25th Anniversay Tour – April 2009
Rock shows by night and our art exhibit, lecture and
performance event by day.
How Art & Music Can Change the World
Now booking lectures for 2011.


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